Joining the Alaskan ice family is easier now than it ever has been before, and we offer 2 different packages depending on if you have a restaurant or takeaway already, or if you wish to start from scratch and create your very own shop under our franchise.

Do You Own A Restaurant?

If you currently own a restaurant, we can asses your facilities to see if you meet our criteria, if you do then you can be in a position to really add to your bottom line within weeks of making contact with ourselves.


We will provide your Just Eat machine free of charge and provide you with all the training needed so you can get yourself set up and feel confident you can deliver the Alaskan ice products to the standards that we set.


What costs are involved? You will need to purchase all of your start up stock through us, and then the overall commission taken from just eat and us is at 20% of total revenue taken, so for E.g you turnover £1,000  we take 20% off so you will be left with £800. In return you get all the support you need, and this includes marketing campaigns which we will do on your behalf.


Open A New Location

If you’re currently looking at opening a store under the Alaskan Ice Brand then we will work with you to locate the best properties for you to trade to maximise the full potential of the business.

We will help to facilities the shop fit out and make sure it adheres to the company brand policies, and provide all the training required. If you would like an a conversation with a member of the team around this, then please contact us here.


Do you fancy earning an extra £50,000 – £100,000 per year?  Utilising the Alaskan Ice Brand and platform, and following a simple formula we have created our current franchises are already hitting these numbers and they are rising. So the question is, do you want to increase your bottom line?